I’m a filmmaker, writer, carpenter and designer based in New York. I recently discovered that all the things I do, as seemingly unrelated as they occur, all fit into the idea of storytelling.  My podcast Recorded Words is on iTunesStitcherPocket CastsPRX and Google Play!

Recovering Time

Recovering Time ~After a nightmare ignites an obsession about extra-terrestrials, Philip Armand uncovers the possibility of a personal close encounter in his past.

This film is in a series of personal history monologue films.  I am working with director Andy Brown and cinematographer Johnny Sousa.

Monk Parakeet

I unearthed Urban Green Adventures, an old radio pilot I made about the Monk Parakeets in NYC.  Keith Marshall and Steve Baldwin take me on a tour of these tropical Green Parakeets that have taken up residency far from their native home (and climate/food source).  Holding strong to theme: if you can make it here. Take a listen and enjoy.  AND, you can take a Brooklyn Parrot tour.

I have been traveling the globe working with producer Joshua Tanzer filming Kaboom.  We are currently on-hold as Joshua goes through a mid-life crisis.