I’m a filmmaker, writer, carpenter and designer based in New York. I recently discovered that all the things I do, as seemingly unrelated as they occur, all fit into the idea of storytelling.  My podcast Recorded Words is on iTunesStitcherPocket CastsPRX and Google Play!

On my morning commutes over the course of about one month I recorded the things I appreciate, find cute or really love about my girlfriend Cynthia.  The practice really re-directed my attention on why she makes life better.  It also made this poem by Hafiz finally make sense:   Love sometimes wants to do us a great favor: Hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out.

Recovering Time

I have been working on completing my film Recovering Time for the Sundance Film Festival submission deadline.  This film is in a series of personal history monologue films.  I am working with the talented director Andy Brown and cinematographer Johnny Sousa.  Here’s the longline: After a nightmare ignites an obsession about extra-terrestrials, Philip Armand uncovers the possibility of a personal close encounter in his past.

Monk Parakeet

I unearthed Urban Green Adventures, an old radio pilot I made about the Monk Parakeets in NYC.  Keith Marshall and Steve Baldwin take me on a tour of these tropical Green Parakeets that have taken up residency far from their native home (and climate/food source).  Holding strong to theme: if you can make it here. Take a listen and enjoy.  AND, you can take a Brooklyn Parrot tour.

I have been traveling the globe working with producer Joshua Tanzer filming Kaboom.  We are currently on-hold as Joshua goes through a mid-life crisis.