Trying to look introspective in my thrift-store suit.

I’m a filmmaker, writer, carpenter and designer based in New York.  As a filmmaker my interest is in human motivation; with this I have worked on many projects that explore this theme.  My design work has been featured in Architectural Digest, The Voice, on TLC’s “Four Homes” and in Men’s Health Magazine.  Currently I am working on my podcast series “Recorded Words”, a series of monologue films, and a memoir about my experiences working as a tradesman and designer.

There’s more, but since no one really has time to read this, I will say this -I get bloated a lot.  Someone recently told  me this may be caused by my missing appendix (the organ).  Apparently that’s the summer home for the flora in my gut.  Since their vacation spot was ripped out when I was a small child, I take a good probiotic every day; and I eat a lot of goat yogurt.  I have considered buying a goat, but am currently without a permanent address so assume it would be bad manners for the houseguest to come home with a goat.

I like goats.