In 2004 I was having a life crisis. I had been working as a carpenter after closing my furniture-making studio four years earlier; my creative energy had little outlet. Life seemed mundane and not headed in any interesting direction; I needed a change of scenery. I thought a road-trip would do the trick. New Orleans was the target; I knew my Isuzu Trooper 2 would likely not make it from New York to Louisiana. I looked on Craig’s List’s “Ride-share” and the first posting “Driving to Sundance, want to join” caught my eye. “Sundance?….I’ve heard of that” it had a familiar ring, I looked it up. Marginally interesting, but it’s on a mountain with amazing snowboarding. I ended up flying, it was cheaper than gas and tolls and time. I thought I’d catch a movie or two and spend the rest of my ten days on the slopes. Ha! I didn’t unpack my snowboard, I watched films for ten days straight. I came home, bought a DV camera and started my obsession with filmmaking. The obsession isn’t over.

A few of my projects that I am proud of:

“Recovering Time”
After a nightmare ignites an obsession about extra-terrestrials, Philip Armand uncovers the possibility of a personal close encounter in his past.  This film is in a series of personal history monologue films.  I am working with director Andy Brown and cinematographer Johnny Sousa.

“As Seen on TV”
I made this TV pilot in 2012 for the NYTV Festival.

“Manhattan Measure”
My co-director Johnny Gerhardt spent 18 months following artist Gene Schmidt. I took his amazing footage and edited this film.  The project -including the film, sculpture, photographs, and Gene’s maps and notes- were displayed at NY’s Sheen Center in March 2016.

“Weight of Words”
Follows up on Manhattan Measure.  The project -including Gene’s letters, photographs and maps- were displayed at Philadelphia’s Tiger Strikes Astroid Gallery.

“The Art of Ambivalence”
My first Doc. Although I now see the flaws, I still love this film.

A few other projects I’ve worked on that are cool:

Battle of the Band, my first TV pilot.
Mediocre New York, My producing partner Robert Albrecht and I made about forty of these crazy episodes. A few of my favorites: VolvoPickup, DateNY Inn, Will Smith, Strippers, If you look on youtube you’ll eventually find them all.
A Joke
, A short film I shot for Andy Brown, an amazing director.
Subhysteria (trailer), A feature film I shot for Director Leo Zelig, one of my most challenging shoots.
Train of Thought, I’m the voice of the character. By the funniest man I know -Colin Graham.  It’s the second video down, but all his stuff is cool.  
The River of Copsa Mica (trailer), A short very ambitious film by Ryan Uzilevsky that I shot.
Drifter (trailer), A short film I shot by Robert Albrecht.

There are many more I may eventually post.