Odds & Ends

Over the past several years I’ve interviewed friends and made some audio pieces just for fun.  As I find them I will continue to upload them.  Enjoy.

Urban Green Adventures: 8mins
A few years ago I wanted to do an urban nature series, so my friend Keith Marshall and I made this pilot about the Monk Parakeets.  This was the only episode we made, although I think this could be a really cool ongoing series.  If you like nature and want to produce more please reach out.

Interview With Tanya Lowenstein: 44mins
In 2015 I sat in my dear friend Tanya’s living room and interviewed her about work (a topic we both love).  Her nom de plume is Tanya Indiana and some of her amazing articles can be seen on the Village Voice website.

Listen For Freedom: 39mins
Recorded in 2005, this is the first audio piece I ever made.  This is an interview with my mother’s boyfriend Victor and was proof-of-concept for a series.  Although I cringe at the sound of my voice, I still love this piece.  This episode was contracted to be aired on WBEZ in Chicago’s Re:sound (their public radio station) although it never aired.