Recorded Words 22, Static


Philip Armand inquires into the static in his perception and discovers a corpse, composed of a dwindling pile of cash. He remembers how his unfriendly neighbor used to sing opera in the shower and how this helped him recover from Tourette’s. He negotiates with his background static and eventually showers, while listening to Pavarotti. Don’t be confused, just listen.

Recorded Words 21, Simplicity


Philip Armand, as usual, is distracted and overwhelmed. In need of intervention he asks his friend Mike Ceglia for advice, they speak, Philip records.

Recorded Words 17, Austrian Dishwasher

Itunes_Artwork Philip Armand Dishwasher

Being a roofer was never sold to Philip Armand as a safe profession.  When he nearly falls to his death, he is left thinking about his childhood dishwasher.  –Art by Cynthia Bogart